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Delphax Upgrade further takes the complex out of Duplex

We are delighted to acknowledge that our initial installation of a Delphax CRM9000 in 2004, was the first in the UK. Then in 2009 we upgraded it again ready for the economy upift this year in 2010 !

As a statement to our innovative stance we foresaw the market requirement a number of years ago for duplex laser printing. It was at last a continuous laser printer, which happily prints duplex as well as simplex but without the complexities of joining two machines together or rashly, daring to run the stock through twice.

There are now so many useful applications available:

  • No need to worry when the text just won’t fit on one side of A4. Don’t increase the paper length, just turn over.
  • Need lots of different texts but impossible to have common pre-printed back page. No longer a problem. Have as much variety as you need.
  • Must have many variable fields and cut sheet laser is so expensive and slow on duplex. Switch to continuous. It is a fraction of the cost of cut sheet printing and much, much quicker. The Delphax is the same quality as cut sheet at 600dpi and because our system is reel to sheet, we guarantee 100% output, reprinting miss-cuts immediately.
  • Go larger than A3, up to 502 mm x 620 mm if you wish. Go across the web for great value on those “long A4″ letters or 2, 3 or 4 up for those creative different size documents. Above all, this new line will provide better value.