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How will postage changes effect you?

Minimise the postage price increase with Advertising Mail.

Maximising the use of all available discount services will drastically reduce the impact of the price increases, which take effect from 9th May:

  • Postage prices for Mailsort are going up by around 16% from May 9th BUT if your mailing qualifies as Advertising Mail then you are likely to see an increase of nearer to 2%
  • In order to use Advertising Mail on your own Royal Mail account you must chase your Royal Mail Account Manager to have all the appropriate Advertising Mail Mailsort Services added to your account.

A further discount up to .03p can also be gained by using the existing Responsible Mail service, entry level.

Get your Royal Mail account set up with the new Advertising Mail service today!

Call one of our dedicated account managers today to find out how you can benefit from these discounts or discuss how these postal changes will effect you!