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Make your Direct Marketing more environmentally-friendly with Sustainable Mail!

Sustainable Mail is designed to help you minimise the environmental impact of your mailing and demonstrate your commitment to good environmental practices. Ensure your Mailsort mailing meets our specification and you can increase its recyclability, improve its targeting and access lower prices as well.

There are two levels in this specification: entry level and intermediate level. Both will evolve over time to reflect changing capabilities of local authorities to recycle material, as well as technological developments in the industry.

To qualify for Sustainable Mail you must satisfy the entry level criteria as a minimum. For the intermediate level, you must fulfil both the entry level and the intermediate level specifications.

Sustainable Mail Entry Level

  • No Polythene wrapping is currently allowed
  • No brown paper (manila) envelopes are allowed
  • Paper must be from renewable or recycled sources eg. FSC/PEFC
  • All companies in the manufacturing, printing and mailing chain must be ISO 14001 accredited or have the appropriate Environmental Management Systems in place
  • Envelopes must carry a logo to encourage recycling. This is often done with a logo/ wording confirming that the paper has come from sustainable sources
  • No lamination of any items of the pack is permitted and no item can have more than 90% ink coverage

Sustainable Mail intermediate Level
Requirements as per Sustainable Mail entry Level PLUS ….

  • Must suppress data against one or more commercially available Deceased file
  • Must suppress data against one or more commercially available Goneaways file
  • Must facilitate returns (i.e. have a return address)
  • Must ensure that all Goneaways/Deceased items returned are marked on the database and removed from mailings within 3 months of receipt
  • 95% postcoding accuracy is required from PAF
  • No UV finishes are permitted
  • No rubber-based adhesives can be used