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The Real Cost of Bad Data

Good data is key to direct marketing success!

By improving the integrity of your data to comply with legal and best practise guidelines, we can reduce your mailing and postage costs as well as improving response rates.

Business to business data has a burn rate of around 35% a year. This has huge financial implications for potential waste of money and time for your direct marketing campaigns.

Cleaning your data helps you stay compliant with the Data Protection Act by ensuring that the data you hold is current and accurate. You also help protect the environment by avoiding waste when sending out duplicate or unwanted mailings.

On top of the financial savings, you would benefit by protecting your brand against the potential of damage of incorrect mailings, and you would significantly reduce your environmental footprint by not sending mailings to people who don’t want them or won’t get them.

DP Direct has the experience and range of data enhancement services to help strengthen the performance of your mailing, reduce costs and maximise the return:

  • PAF Cleansing – correct invalid or mis-spelt addresses and postcodes
  • Gone Away Suppression – identify people who have moved house
  • New Movers – in many cases we can identify where people flagged as Goneaways have actually moved to – so you can update your database and continue to mail them at their new address
  • Deceased Suppression – avoid causing distress and prevent possible fraud by identifying deceased customers
  • Telephone Appending – enhance your data with additional telephone numbers
  • Deduplication – prevent wastage by removing duplicate entries for the same person or household
  • Country Detection – identify foreign records and add the correct country information
  • MPS Suppression – check names and addresses against the Mailing Preference Service before direct marketing campaigns

In these troubled ‘credit crunch’ days, it is more important than ever that every penny of the valuable marketing budget is spent wisely, efficiently and with return on investment. Data cleansing should be considered an essential part of a marketeer’s strategy to ensure their most valuable asset, the data, is protected and enhanced.