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Offering the complete Digital printing, Fulfilment and Direct Mail Service. Est 1971.

Inkjetting and Personalisation

We provide online and offline inkjetting, but what exactly does inkjetting mean?

Inkjetting, or inkjet addressing, is the term used to describe the process of printing variable names and addresses onto mail pieces using inkjetting printers.

DP can provide a complete solution to meet the specific inkjetting requirements in the mailing sector.

Inkjetting Mailings and Inserts :

  • Personalising and pre-addressing on-line eliminates time and expense of a separate printing process.
  • Personalised in – and on-serts can be selectively fed on to the product with reader details, targeted advertising or special offers.

Personalised and Addressed Covers:

  • Inkjet addressing on-line and personalised with membership or subscriber details.
  • Quality output with a wide range of fonts even at fast production speeds.
  • Print text in several different positions – on cover, or within the book, parallel to spine or head.
  • Inkjetting of barcodes for automated data capture.

Inkjetting and Polywrapping:

  • Inkjet addressing directly onto wraps eliminates need for labels.
  • Automatic re-ordering facility ensures 100% output.
  • On-line addressing on poly or paper wraps can reduce cost by 10 fold.

As well as inkjetting addressing DP also have laser printing capabilities, cut sheet and continuous. More suitable for lower volume mailings, and for producing personalised letters.