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Offering the complete Digital printing, Fulfilment and Direct Mail Service. Est 1971.

Case Studies

We are continually adding new case studies from our client lists, for more information please contacts us.

  • Booklet with personalised tear-off vouchers
  • New GUK multi-fold/gluing equipment
  • Extra postage savings
  • Horse shoe adhesive application
  • Postage stamps
  • Tabbing and inkjet mailer

Booklet with personalised tear-off vouchers

A potentially messy, time-consuming and probably manual enclose mailing transformed by the unique equipment at DP Direct.

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Delphax – Cut sheet or continuous

At DPDirect we have Black and White plus Colour cut sheet options but should you also be considering whether continuous printing would offer you better value for money.

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Extra postage savings

We have an obligation to advise our customers on the best possible Royal Mail services to match the delivery times required.

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Horse shoe adhesive application

Much quicker than either of the traditional methods.

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Postage stamps

Most people would agree that there is a strong possibility of increasing response in a DM campaign if a postage stamp is used instead of a PPI. But is this worthwhile?

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Tabbing and inkjet mailer

Seeking swift response?

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