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Offering the complete Digital printing, Fulfilment and Direct Mail Service. Est 1971.

Hand Enclosing

Where machines can’t finish the job, our team of experienced hand enclosing experts can. Machines cannot always replace people!

However rapidly new technology is developed, we will always need our team of dedicated bench hands where machines cannot help. Our team of 25 people provide an endless list of specialised hand enclosing functions with precision, speed and accuracy.

Their specialities include blind matching, postal tube enclosing, specialist stitching and inserting additional objects after machine enclosing. It’s worth remembering that we also offer hand enclosing for mailings that are of smaller quantities or too complicated for machines.

So, if you have something you want to mail, that won’t conform to machine standards, don’t despair! We can always resort to the tried and tested human touch – that never fails!