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Offering the complete Digital printing, Fulfilment and Direct Mail Service. Est 1971.

Additional Services

We have a multitude of additional machinery and equipment to handle the whole mailing production smoothly and efficiently. We can also offer some more creative services to give your mailings that additional wow factor.

For clients this means a seamless delivery from original brief to final mailout with no worries.


Basically, we can fold any size sheet that we laser print or that you may supply. All the folding machines handle paper up to A1 and can do single, cross and double cross folds as well as single and multiple slitting and perforating. To reduce paper wastage, all our folding machines have built-in miss-feed detection. Our machines are equipped with glue lines for horse shoe re-moist gumming as well as peelable or permanent latex for self-mailers and spine gluing.

Glue/Tabbing Combination

We can accommodate a variety of glued-on extras to your mailing. we can affix sealing tabs to self-mailers and glue items such as cards or leaflets to other items, using either permanent or easi-peal adhesive. We can offer a combination of these functions plus on-line inkjet and folding for the maximum flexibility.

Postage Stamps for the personal touch

Our stamp machine can affix postage stamps to envelopes and postcards from C6 to C4, then for mailsort posting, we can overprint cancellation lines to still achieve the maximum mailsort discounts.