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Artwork Preparation

Making your artwork print-ready

Check your artwork

Check your files. Check your artwork for spelling mistakes, grammar and ensure all images used are high resolution. The minimum resolution we advise to use for a raster graphic would be 300dpi, with at least 900dpi for bitmaps. Using a lower resolution may result in poor quality output.


Keep essential text away from the edge of the document, by about 8-10mm for best results.

Illustrator Documents

When creating artwork in Illustrator please make sure the document size is the correct finished size, allowing for any bleed if required. Do not create multi page documents on one document page. When making the pdf include all printers marks and add 3mm bleed when required.

EPS and Illustrator files

When providing artwork as an EPS. To prevent missing font issues make sure all text in the document is converted to outlines (Text to Outlines).

Press ready PDF

Where at all possible please provide print-ready artwork as a press-ready PDF. Be sure your file includes crop marks and bleed.


If your job will be 4-colour process (full colour), check your images are set to CMYK and not RGB. . CMYK (CMYK, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) are the colours used in the printing process.

Spot colours

If you have a 4 colour (full colour) design check you do not have any lone spot colours. Make sure these are converted to 4 colours process.

Naming colours

If your work uses spot Pantone Colours, ensure that these are all named correctly as either coated or uncoated. Do not mix the two together.


Allow a 3mm bleed on your all your documents. Colour needs to run off the edge of work by at least 3mm Bleed to allow for trimming the final job to the correct size. This also allows for a little movement during production and will avoid any white paper showing.